Online Bred Doe Sale

     As most of you all know, I pay quite a bit of attention to other species.  I enjoy cattle and hogs.  Sheep, not so much.  But I still pay attention to what all species are doing.  And without a doubt, cattle, hogs and sheep breeders all have bred female sales.  These aren’t just junk that breeders are trying to get rid of–they are bonafide genetics, bred to popular sires.  They are an opportunity for a breeder to cash a check and more importantly, a great opportunity for somebody else to obtain genetics and/or have a quick return on investment.  

      For some reason, goat breeders have been afraid to “let go” of genetics.  But as a breeder, in order to make progress, genetics have to be made available for 2 reasons.  1–For profit and 2–To make genetic advancements–for others, as well as themselves.  Somebody, somewhere, will find an outcross that probably shouldn’t work, but did.  I don’t know why, but goat breeders have been loathe to let loose of bred females.  I personally think that it is a mistake.  

      Many breeders will offer doe kids. The doe kid deal takes years to pay off.  I can walk you to three differerent females on our place that cost about $16,000, that I have yet to turn a single $ out of.  They served their purpose as tax write offs.  But it would be nice to cash a check out of these female dogs at some point.  

     I’ve made mistakes in this business.  The list is long.  I still occasionally wonder if Sweet and I should have kept Blood Pressure.  I would like to have that goat working here, but in all honesty,he will do me more good if Rick Barnthouse can build a doe herd around him.  I shouldn’t have sold any of the bred does that I sold online in the October ’13 Big Willy Sale.  All four does went to good homes and produced.  Schovanec sold a buck kid out of H15.  He and Sweet bought K5 and are using a buck kid out of her and Rumour.  Heath Nelson has a keeper Rumour doe kid out of his purchase.  

      And then there is Pat Lyons and Bill Mein.  They bought K19 sight unseen, no photos, no videos–Pat called and asked about each doe and how I thought that doe would work with their bucks.  I was honest, nothing to hide.  They bought her.  She had triplets.  They sold a buck prospect, kept a doe kid and sent the other doe kid to Georgia.  That doe kid was Reserve Grand at the Georgia National. They made money, kept genetics for their herd AND hung a banner.  AND still have K19 to be used in their breeding programs.  

      On this week, there is an online Bred Doe sale.  Seelke’s are offering some very nice females that are bred right.  They have killer pics, descriptions and the does are good.  They have done it right.  Milligan is going to offer some top shelf genetics.  We, here at Kelln Livestock, in typical fashion, have too many irons in the fire.  There won’t be many pictures of our offerings.  

      As a breeder, I can’t think of a better way to help other breeders, than by offering bred does–proven and unproven.  This is a chance to get a hold of genetic matings that otherwise aren’t available.  Sure, I may cash a check.  But the buyers have a chance to add genetics or sell a proven product.  

      We are offering seven No Way/Hang 10 daughters bred to Joe Dirt.  These are really nice first time mommas.  I simply have too many due at the end of January.  A marker was put on Dirt and he was turned out with a pasture of does.  With this teaching gig that I’ve got going, I do not have time to kid out 27 females in one week.  Yes, Dirt takes in his ladies like Big I & Ring take in the frosties–in volume.  This is a gate cut of those  No Way/Hang 10 females.  

     And to further prove that I am retarded, we are offering T’Pau and 1253.  They won’t go cheap or I will just keep them.  1253 has already produced a $3,000 wether and a state fair premium sale wether.  T’Pau is one of my favorites–that I have ever raised, ever shown, ever owned.  I shouldn’t even offer her, but here you go.   I firmly believe in offering people a chance.  If you buy T’Pau, I want a shot at buying her offspring–doe kids, bucks or wethers–I don’t care.

      Have a good day and a better tomorrow.