One, as in single.  Yes, I know, this should be #5, but tonight it is UNO.  I’ve dealt with kids and parents non-stop for 20 plus years.  With animals and without.  As we near the year 2020,  there are more and more single parent kids in this world.  When, I say single parent, I literally mean one parent, UNO, Eins, ONE.  Just one parent involved in the uprbringing of the kids.

      I’ve always had respect for a single parent, but the older I get, the more I tip my cap to these parents that can do it properly.  Tammy and I really like working with a set of kids that are/have been raised by a single mom for a while.  Three girls, roughly 6 years apart in age.  All 3 are well adjusted, well liked, have good work ethics, and maybe most importantly have a desire to do right by others.  Simply put, these girls are good ones.  You know, the kind of kid that makes you feel good about the next generation.  Their mom has always been employed, kept the girls active, disciplined and most importantly been a MOM throughout it all.  Sure, sacrifices have been made, but for the right reasons.  There are strong grandparents, a couple of hard-ass uncles and a community that truly wants to see kids do well.  That all helps.  But the parent (mom) has to be driven to raise the kids, not just be friends/buddies with them.  When everybody is all grown up, they should all/will be best friends, but not yet.  

     Here’s what I know about raising a kid by myself.  I could do it.  But, when you have a Dragon Lady as a wife, I can look like I know what I’m doing and I would rather do this as a team, fulfill my role and when we get this last one grown up, give her a hug and say, “Thanks, honey”.  And I am WAY glad that I haven’t had to do it solo.  Duke better be happier.   Although, I am rather surprised that she hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet.  Hhmm?  That is a different story.  

       Here’s a huge cap off, bow down to all the single parents that manage to raise good kids.  It ain’t easy and I don’t want the job.  I don’t mind helping.  But, I have noticed that animals do help.  And if you need a show goat, we are selling some on Monday. (shameless plug)  

       In all seriousness, I deal with a pile of great families.  I mean a PILE of GR8T people.  The reasons that Tammy and I are in this game is the fact that we love raising our kids around strong work ethics and good people that understand how to work, how to win, how to lose and you guessed it, how to have a good time, no matter if it was a win or a loss.  If you can’t have fun doing something, then don’t do it.  And if you can’t help somebody else have fun doing something, then you need to hang around a better crowd.  

       Congrats to all of you single parents that are raising kids.  And to those parents that aren’t single.  Basically, if you are raising good kids, Thanks.  SALUTE!