Old School

     Athletes are better now than they ever were.  Maybe more good ones, but not as many great ones.  There isn’t a Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders or Herschel Walker playing right now.  (Well, maybe Peyton, Brady and Peterson)

     Movies are better now than they used to be.  BS!!  They are now RE-making movies from the 70’s & 80’s and they can’t improve them.  They just have better graphic effects now.  Not necessarily better movies.

     New music is better now than it used to be.  Holy, jeeminy, you couldn’t be more wrong.  AC/DC sells more stuff now than they did when they were actually making new music.  Same with Motley Crue, Metallica and Ozzy.  Guns N Roses was only together for a short window of time.  But, now you can hear teenagers ringtones, playing Sweet Child o’ mine.  Name me a great ROCK band playing right now that is under 30 years of age.  Country?  George is bigger now than he ever was and he hasn’t released a really good song in 5-10 years.  But because there hasn’t been a great one surface in that time, well, he just keeps cashing checks.  Good for him & them.

     Stock show animals.  The cattle and hogs are close to being near extremes in terms of bone, rib, base width and moderation of frame.  They will HAVE to get bigger at some point.  The cattle deal doesn’t need to go back to Sugar Ray.  But they also don’t need to get any shorter framed.  Berks look good, belted crosses good, Durocs not bad, spots in places and other crosses are fine.  Chesters, Polands and purebred Hamps?  Whew!  Good luck finding a bonafide good one.  The great thing about a pig, anybody can raise a great one due to AI and availabilty of geneitics.  Cattle.   Well, if they can give live birth to these wide skulled, square hipped, big boned, hairy bastards, hunh, if they live, they are good, unless they can actually walk, then they are great ones. 

      Sheep are as wide based, heavy boned, square pinned and bold ribbed as they have ever been.  Are they cool enough?  IDK.  But it seems that there is some consistency in type and kind from Texas to Ohio.

       Goats?  They are the best that they have ever been.  An old school goat cannot compete today.  Their is no comparison.  Kelly & raff changed this more than anybody else.  But, this has brought about a limited genetic pool.  We are all looking for the next step.  

     I loved the Will Ferrell movie, “Old School”.  As breeders and showmen, there is nothing wrong with looking backwards, in order to try to go forwards.  Check out the old school methods, genetics and use what can apply now.  Turn up the Tesla and study your animals.  Do you need to add something radical to improve your herd or go old school and get back to what sounds/looks good.  

     Speaking of old school, there is an espn show playing in the background, “Olbermann”.  Other than Chris Berman, the two sports anchors that made espn famous was Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick.  Together, they made it fun to watch sports highlights, even if it was highlights of two common teams that nobody cared about.  I would love to watch a reunion of these two.  There are old school.