Old Cars

Well, I have been extremely busy and out of state the past week. Yes, I have an Iphone, but I don’t like posting, emailing or all that other crap from an Iphone. However, I am dang good at taking pictures of AWESOME food and texting people with it. Such as St. Elmo’s steak house and Shapiro’s deli in Indy this past week. If you are ever within 300 miles of Indy, then it is worth the drive to eat at both places. Phenomenal steak & shrimp cocktail as well as the BEST Reuben that I have ever eaten. I even brought back some Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the Dragon Lady. Jackpot.

Like an old Rambler car, this post is going to ramble a bit. It is a Saturday evening and I am not driving anywhere tonight. Had a lightning storm Friday morning about 8 am, which puts Tammy in Waynoka and me in Woodward. The lightning started a fire in our south pasture about 100 yards south of the house. Luckily, thank GOD, it hit the short grass. The neighbors saw it and came a running. They called the fire department, turned the water on and had it put out in about 30 minutes. It burnt about a football field. We’ve dealt with a flood before and witnessed a tornado at Gosney’s earlier this year. I can tell you a flood sucks, but it is a way better option than the other two. We are lucky to have neighbors watching out for us.

Had to deliver a hay trailer to Alva on Thursday. Stopped in Waynoka to drop off a pile of net wrap and get a haircut at Darrel Gosney’s. I don’t know if he makes my hair look good or not, but I love the vacuum on his clippers as he cuts my hair. Plus, he always has good stories. Darrel is an all time great supporter of kids and their efforts. Great American. I then met the Dragon Lady for lunch at the sandwich shop. Got to see the Redgates, Fergusons and Georges while I was there. Obviously, the place to be in Waynoka. Traveled on to Alva, picked up a check, made sure the Woods County FSA office was on task. Checked out the new secretaries at K&S tire. My sister-in-law now works there. Jodee may be a saint as she is TRYING to raise Jake, but now has to keep up with the accounting end of the tire business. Riley took me to check out Dietz’s projects and then to see Lora and Ally’s wether projects. As usual, things look good in the 73717 zip code. Maybe even, real good.

I am a little jacked up today, as I ordered a new gun from a cousin in Shattuck. My dad picked it up for me, brought it to me at Woodward and I paid him for it. Then he loaded it back up in his pickup and took it back to Shattuck. Duke was with him. When I buy a new gun, I want to shoot something. A can, bucket, something. Oh well, PaPa and Duke will break it in for me. By the way, this was a special order racoon gun. Don’t see those advertised very often do ya. Tactical stock with flashlight and .22 caliber Ruger 10/22. If you are ever in need of items protected by the 2nd Amendment, then check out Code of Arms for your needs. Al Walton knows his stuff. If he doesn’t have it, he will get it, as long as you can pay for it and are legal. Well worth the drive. This guy can build anything. Cars, Harley’s, airplanes, anything.

I weaned a set of goats last night. We are having the Best of the West sale on August 30. I probably shouldn’t have weaned them but the signs were right and they were pounding feed. With the high temps and the fact that these Kelly bottle baby does are never going to milk worth a dog dragging his ass across the front lawn, I decided to go with the signs and wean them at 8 weeks old. Time will tell if I know what I am doing. I try to follow the signs when weaning and banding. The ones that are ready will go to the sale in Shattuck, while the others will eat feed until the Duke’s Up sale in October.

So, I came into the house tonight and turned on the tube. There was Tommy Boy showing on the comedy channel. That is an all time great movie that puts me in a good mood. One of these days, we will do a top ten movies list on here.


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