New Week

     It’s Monday and it is a wonderful morning.  The wind isn’t howling, there is a touch of dew on the grass and there are more Rumour babies in the barn.  I like it.  

      Had a weekend without much on the schedule.  Therefore, I got some stuff done around the house.  I decided to weld some panels to frames yesterday.  Today, I am sore from squatting.  People started showing up yesterday to look at goats.  I ended up getting in the selling mood.  Anytime you can sell goats to good homes, one needs to do it.  I don’t care how big a breeder you are…you won’t be on top without good feeders.  Sure, it is nice to cash a big check, but it can be more important to take less and get them in the right hands.  

     Sold a heck of a good buck prospect yesterday.  His name is “3rd Party”.  You will hear from this guy.