New Week

     Monday is here.  This means an extremely busy week is over.  We had a large time Saturday evening.  Lots of food, people and beverages.  Throw in some home-made ice cream and cookies and I am now a little fatter than I was.  I tried to keep up with the new college grads, but that didn’t work out too good.

     Had several out of staters here this weekend to pick up goats.  I’ve got to figure out when and how to sell wethers.  The March kids are weaned and pounding feed.  There are several really good wethers in this pen.  The trailer load of new arrivals need to be sorted through.  There is a nice set in this pen.  I’m going to study goats this week and decide when to start selling.

     There is buck semen selling online today.  Yes, there is 3 straws of Rumour Has It semen offered on there.  

    I hope everyone had a good mother’s day.  Have a good day and a good week.