New deal

Always something new in the goat world. I have all of those does turned out with Joe Dirt to make some December babies. I put a marker on Dirt. Two days later the crayon was gone. The dang thing had melted off that quick. Yes, I know that they make crayons for hot weather, but I don’t think they make them for the kind of hot and dry that we have going on right now. I’m going to slap a new one on him today before we leave, so that the help can tell if Dirt is getting some action or not.

The Kelln’s are going to do something that we haven’t done before. Tammy asked Kela what she wanted for her 21st birthday. Kela replied, “A family vaction that doesn’t involve an ag teachers conference or a stock show.” Therefore, we are headed to Costa Rica for the week. I don’t like being gone from home or work for extended periods. This will be interesting. There will be fishing. We might have to use Duke for bait.

The timing is actually pretty good. Some neighbors are building a new house and they have been shacked up in a trailer while their house is being built. They are going to feed, water and check the stock for us while we are gone. The A/C in their trailer went out and if you haven’t noticed, it isn’t a good year to be without A/C. They are going to stay at our house, while we are gone. This gives me peace of my mind, that our little piece of paradise will be safe and the stock will be well watched. It gives them a cool place to stay, while they get theirs fixed.

Pray for rain out west. It is brutally dry.

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