Never Say Never

    Sounds like it ought to be a James Bond movie title.  Or maybe a buck name.  I’m not sure if I actually ever uttered the phrase that “I will never….”  But the last few days have had me trying to re-think my mouth.  And that, my friends, is asking A LOT!   

      And before you steal that name, notice that I have a kid already picked out for that name.  He is a Rumour Has It x Joe Dirt/Freak On A Leash/Starbuck.  I’m not saying that I would NEVER band him, but I like him A LOT!  He might be a wether as I would NEVER want to pass up a winning wether.  He might NEVER leave this place.  But then again, I might NEVER turn down a pile of cash.  

      Never Say Never.  That statement is true.  You never know what the GOOD LORD has in store.  I’m not afraid, but it is NOT the fork in the road that I thought that I took a couple of months ago.  Take a deep breath, look upward, growl/grunt, kneel, thank goodness, say thank you/amen.  Here we go. And I reiterate, Never Say Never.  

    Have a good day, a better tomorrow.  I hope that you have nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks in your future.  And I hope that Tim Howard is the next Minister of Defense for the United States.  How about that soccer crap?