The family was inside last night, finishing supper and thinking about watching the clay-mation version of Rudolph. Duke’s phone rings, which means it is either a grandparent or Wichert. It was Wichert.

Wichert is Darin Wichert who is a neighbor/friend of our family. He and Duke talk hunting, animals and hang out at the sale barn together. Darin also guides deer hunters. He was so loud that Tammy and I could hear him through Duke. Let’s just say that he was excited. So, the three of us load up to go look at the deer that his hunters had shot.

They weren’t deer, they moose!! These were the absolute biggest antlers that I had ever seen in real life. It was a father and son from Louisianna that had shot these deer with bows. Both deer were non-typical but with amazing amount of mass. The cool rack had thirty one points and was about 8″ around at the base. The older deer was about 9″ around at the base and a had huge flat part of an antler, kind of like a moose. I don’t know what they will score, but they are both high.

Then we sat around talking to the hunters. The dad is a lifelong shrimper from southeast Louisianna. He also hunts gators. He was peeling fresh shrimp that they had brought with them. The son is in school to be a dentist. It was a pretty cool evening.

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