We got a little over 2″ of rain over the weekend. This was a widespread, much needed rain. I wish it would have rained more in the OK & TX panhandles, but at this point we will take whatever we can get.

Although the rain was welcome, cold & wet weather isn’t very conducive for having sale goats look on top of their game. Oh well, that’s just part of it. We ended up with 8 wethers on this sale. 6 we raised and two others. We were planning on losing BoBo at Tulsa. Instead, we lost Little Stevie Peaches. That kind of shook Duke’s thinking up. He didn’t want anything more to do with BoBo. So he changed his mind what he was going to sell for sure. He is keeping Waterboy and Spasm. BoBo will be floored at $2,500 and the other seven will be floored at $200. If you can’t make it out to look this week, give me a call and I will give you my opinion on the set. I will be around after 6 every evening this week, including Thursday.

Tori won div. 2 at the doe show at Tulsa yesterday with a doe from us. Got a call from up north about the 6th wether that we sold in our April online sale. He won a class at the Ohio State Fair.

Big thanks to all that run the goat show at Tulsa and the fundraising part. Thanks to all that bought tickets, donated items, donated goats and those that sold tickets. We will have to continue raising money to help this thing grow. Now, if we can just get OYE to pull their heads out and do the right things. That is a whole other story and I am actually in a good mood this morning, so we will leave it alone. For now.

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