Monday morning

Slept all the way till 2 am this morning. No Law & Order, so the only thing somewhat worth watching was the turtleman. I watched 4 episodes of “live action” this morning. How do they make a tv series about that? Duke had showed me a youtube piece of the turtleman a couple of years ago and now he has his own show catching critters. Good for him.

Sounds like the Texas sales were plenty high again this year. No matter how much you spend, it still comes down to hard work and knowledge. But its going to take some cash to buy the good ones again this year. The next two weeks will be busy studying and buying wethers.

The videos and pics are up for the online sale. Call with any questions. This is a really good set of wethers and a complete set of doe kids. The doe kids have got a lot of value as show does, but there are some really nice breeding pieces in this set.

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