Monday, Monday, Monday

     Made it to El Reno on Saturday.  Had a chaffeur for the trip.  Tyke got a newer set of wheels and he actually drove somewhere outside of Ellis County.  We peddled a few goats and then headed to Okarche to Eischen’s.  I don’t eat a lot of chicken, but I will eat it there.  Tyke, Nip and Tyler ate a pile of okra to go along with the chicken.  Okra is on my list of don’t eat it unless my life depends on it and then I would have to think about it.

     We stopped at Allen Miller’s to swap bucks.  Saw an intersting young buck prospect that they raised.  It will be interesting to see some kids out of him next year.

       Monday will be a busy day as I am not only trying to get work caught up before I leave for several days, but I also have a pile of wethers to shear, clip and fit on tonight and in the morning.  Tulsa doesn’t allow stands or clippers, so you better have crap together before you head that way.  SInce, you can’t clip at Tulsa, it allows for some spare time.  Probably helps beer sales.

     The Dragon Lady grilled pork chops last night along with rice, green beans, rolls and HONEY! Duke and I both like that meal.  After supper, I chose to watch a concert on TV.  It was either that or listen to the homework squabble between Duke and the Dragon Lady.  Guess who won that fight? 

A Fleetwood Mac concert was on some music channel on DISH.  That is still a heckuva band.  Lyndsey Buckingham can wail on a guitar and Mick Fleetwood can pound the skins.  It was a good concert to watch.

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