Modern technology…

is a wonderful thing. It is amazing how addicted to the internet that we are as a society. And yet, I have the worst internet provider possible. Of course, when you live in the middle of nowhere, I guess we should be happy we have any internet at all.

After a crappy week of work, I made an executive decision not to go to Kelly’s sale. Stayed home, saved money and got stuff done here at the house. Finally, got some rain–1/2 ” Saturday evening followed by 20 minutes of golf ball size hail. Dragon Lady and I were in the barn when it started, so we stayed there till it finished. It was just a little bit loud.

Trimmed hooves on the wethers. Trying to do a little corrective hoof trimming on one or two of the wethers. Duke and I are trying to decide whether to show at the city this weekend. We may just go help others.

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