Message Board

      I love it when a message board can BLOW up without people getting nasty and mad.  Without a doubt, the main reason that first took off was the message board.  Breeders, interested parties, & most of all ag teachers had to check the message board to see what was being written.  Most hid behind a fake name.  Some of us always signed in with our real names.  But then, it became a chore keeping it policed, which meant that we had to start banning people.  Kela ran the website, but I had to be the one to monitor the message board.  The fights were usually between purebred breeders.  Their feelings always seemed to get hurt real quick.  Seems like none of them lasted very long in the goat business.

      When Kela sold the site to the present owners, I continued to post on the message board.  Then, Julie and I decided that I ought to have my own platform where she didn’t have to worry about what I typed.  Thus, the hatching of this blog.  I’ve mentioned on here before that it is hard to edit myself, but this is the edited version and my typing is WAY cleaner than my vocabulary.  Some might say that I can be a bit abrasive.  

     There were some classic posts back in the days of the original message board.  I still have a copy of the “Old Mansion” speech written by a now former goat breeder.  It was well written and was PAGES long.  Brett from Tibet had some interesting posts.  Of course, a-hole BoB caused some issues.  My favorite was a reply from “Ishmael from Israel”.  I also remember a post about crappy gates in Alex, OK.  Classic.  

     It is amazing how many people read these things.  They can be a marketing tool, eucational. a place to network or just a place to vent.  I enjoy the fact that people from all over read this blog.  I do wish they could actually get to see me in my natural environment, instead of just forming an opinion about the stuff that I write on here.  Kind of a like a monkey in a zoo versus the wild, I’m way more entertaining in my own habitat.  

     I have to be careful what I write on here.  For example, I mentioned last week that I might sell some bred does.  I shouldn’t have written anything until I knew for sure what I was doing.  Lots of phone calls and texts wanting me to price them.  I won’t give them away, but I will listen to offers.  

     I tried to make a mark today.  I just hope it was more than just a skid mark.