March Sunday

      I will be the first to admit that the time change did NOT affect me waking up and heading to the couch to watch some Law& Order about 5 am.  However, I did fall asleep on said couch and did not wake up until 9:30 am.  Which means that it was 8:30 am yesterday morning.  So, I gathered up some goats to wash, clip and take a few pics.   With considerable help from the Taylors, Tammy & Duke and limited help from Mikey, we clipped and sorted some stock.  

      This evening, Tammy showed me some pics on facebook of our long, lost friend Sidney Yost.  Sidney was a WAY fun kind of person that loved to win stock shows.  Plus, he and his family weren’t afraid to work towards winning.  It dang neart brought tears to my eyes looking at those old pics of Sidney and his shit-eating grin.  When I was serving my 3 year sentence teaching at Billings, Sidney was one of several bright spots that made it fun.  His daughters hung lots of banners with some really good steers.  And a hog or two.  I have a story or two regarding pigeons. I miss Sidney, but I am happy that Kela kept a close relationship with his daughters.  Ramee and Randi are very cool kids.  Plus, they are easy to find.  Go to an OSU event and they will be there.  His wife, CIndy, is as cool as you they come.  

     One of these days, I need to do a Billings blog and tell SOME stories involving Short Shit, Meatchurch, Mitch, Struble, Hayton, Thralls, Yost, Sullins and Heinrich.  Oh, and Melvin.  There were some really good people in that not-so-good town.