Lone Star

     Thursday ended up being way busy.  Work was busy.  Getting chores done and things lined up at home so that Duke and I could go to San Angelo.  Wrestling practice and online hog sale.  Got everything done.  Hogs bought, trailer loaded.  Taylor and I made really good time driving to San Angelo on Friday.  Fuel efficiency was a little low due to the head wind. 

     We had a large crew show up for the Lone Star Elite jackpot.  Our goats looked good and our kids showed good.  They maybe didn’t place where we thought they should, but that is part of it.  I’m not going to go off, but the evaulation of the livestock was a little inconsistent.  No, I’m wrong, WAY inconsistent.  There was one killer good goat in the grand drive and he ended up reserve grand.  I had a guy tell me that it looked like the judge’s blood sugar got low after class four and somebody needed to give him a snickers bar so his eyesight wouldn’t be blurry.  I kind of like that.

     However, the outcome, our crew had a large time.  The hospitality of this show and the generosity of the breeder members is phenomenal.  We will go back again next year. 

     Our crew was stoked that Chesley Comstock won div. 1 and ended up reserve grand.  Our kids poured into the ring to hug, high five and congratulate Chesley.  That is why we do this.

     Although it took several hours for Chesley’s goat to take a piss for the drug test, the tribe was still in good spirits and ready to go to the hotel.  We made it to our hotel parking lot and that was as far as it went.  Domino’s delivered a pile of pizzas to our trailers.  The kids had a dance off in the parking lot.  Duke busted out the worm, Britt had numerous versions of the happy dance and Lexi was showing us that she can dance to anything.  Tyke even participated. 

     Comstock’s have had such a good show season, that Scott went and bought scratch off lottery tickets for everybody.  He looked like a Vegas pit boss handing out vouchers for free shrimp cocktails.  Big fun.  Decades from now, the kids won’t remember how they placed, but they will remember the party in the hotel parking lot.

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