Locked Up

     Thanks to all the calls and visitors about the goat offering that we have on April 1.  This modern marvel technology that I call an iPhone has just about locked up.  I don’t know if I have been talking to more serious buyers or not, but the etiquitte of the calls, emails and texts has definetly improved the past few days.  If you have questions the next day or two, call me and if I don’t answer, then please leave a message.  I will call back.  

      I probably should have just left these December kids locked up in the barn on chips, but I like to watch animals walk and I assume that everybody else is like me.  (Thank goodness that most are not like me as that would make for a lot of screwed up people).  So I kicked their rears back outside into general population.  I have noticed that lots 1 & 2 are acting a bit sore.  I think that they have been handled so much that they need a break.  On the flip side, that crayon eating, window licking one-balled wether is starting to act like he has a functioning brain.  

     A person in NW OK needed to just stay locked up inside on this fine Sunday.  The wind was just relentless.  It was brutal.  I got a lot done outside today, but I had to constantly change gum as it got pretty gritty after awhile.  

      Speaking of locked up, Duke’s blue merle corgi, Ammo and Kela’s tri-color corgi, Sasha were locked up like two dogs f……

      On another note, I slipped over near the Texas line for supper on Saturday night.  Brooke had killer good noodle salad and baked beans.  Somebody had smoked some good, not great, but good baby back ribs and bologna.  But, the brisket was really edible.  I think Tyke must have smoked the brisket because it was really good.  I mean, maybe, the best brisket that I have ever eaten.  That recipe needs to be locked up, if the smoke-master can remember it.  

      Funyuns are kind of a wicked not-so-food item.  When I was teaching, I didn’t allow funyuns to be eaten in the ag pickup.  They needed to be locked up so that I couldn’t smell them.  I also don’t normally eat funyuns if I am going to be dealing with anybody.  But, I like a funyun on occasion.  And that occasion is tonight.