Little Bit Off Today

There is a new song that has been occupying parts of my skull for the past week.  I am not a big fan of the band Five Finger Death Punch.  However, their newest release seems to fit my life today and for that matter, this tune could very well be the theme song for 2020.  A little bit off.

I started this day in fine fashion.  Did chores, cleaned up and headed to Woodward.  I hadn’t been to the Polly Anna Cafe since the Rona hit.  I went and ate a stellar breakfast.  Then went and priced some stuff for the school. I had about 30 minutes to kill so I rolled over to Tractor Supply.  As I was walking the aisles, I thought to myself, these underwear fit a little bit off today.  Not bad, a little snug, just not right.

After 10 minutes of walking and perusing the offering in Tractor Supply, it hit me.  The Polly Anna breakfast was hitting bottom.  So, for the first time ever, I found the bathroom in a Tractor Supply.  As I was sitting there thinking, I realized that I had my Duluth Trading underwear on…backwards.  No wonder they fit a bit off.  This led to a whole new conundrum.  First, how in the hell did I screw up putting on underwear?  Second, do I just roll with it?  OR, do I kick off my shoes, then jeans, then underwear, swap them around and re-dress, all while hoping that nobody comes into the restroom at Tractor Supply?  Yep, I swapped them around and got things right.  Oh, and the bathroom was very clean.  5 stars.

Now, other than the stellar bacon, eggs, hash browns & toast, THIS was the highlight of my day.  Went to pick up feed stuffs and they were out of 3 items that I wanted.  Well hell!

Then, I made it back to Fargo to deal with THE 4 letter word!   No, not that one.  But almost as bad–FARM.  Hydraulic leaks, a dumb ass move on my part, plugged seed tubes–spider webs, flat tires, ruined rim…….I could have gone off, but I managed to not throw anything or blame anybody.  Maybe I’m growing up.  It’s about time.

Here is proof that today was a little bit off.  At daybreak, I caught a doe and trimmed hooves.  I then moved all the does into a different pasture.  By myself.  No throwing stuff, cussing or meltdowns.  No problems from doe goats.  Maybe I need to wear my underwear backwards more often?!?

I think not.  I’d rather be pissed at doe goats than deal with the crap that I had today.


This day does remind me of some ancient joke about wearing used underwear–The yellow stain goes in the front.

And there is a radio friendly version of this song and then one that seems more appropriate to my day.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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