Like the Restaurant

TGIFriday.  I’ve had some good times in several TGIFriday restaurants over the years, all involving goat people.  Kela and Danielle Litzenberger always made Susan and I take them to TGIFridays in OKC and Tulsa while at goat shows.  

     The weekend is upon us and I am a little stoked (even though I am going to work tomorrow).  I’ve got lots to do, a desire to get things done and a chance to do better tomorrow and even better yet the next day.

     I absolutely love watching cool animal videos.  I don’t know who made this video, produced it or how they got all of the different camera shots but the following link is WAY GOOD!   The terrified looks, the hair coming off as it dives for the hole in the tree, the suspense of it’s over now, NO, wait, RUSM!?   Krazy Kool.  And yes, the kids can watch it.   Duke and I even let the Dragon Lady watch it with us.

   And in the spirt of Friday night, you have to have some tunes playing.  Google 2 guys cellos.  There will be several videos to choose from.  Watch them play AC/DC “Thunderstruck” , Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” or Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”.  These 2 clowns are exceptional.  They take a normally boring donkey orchestral instrument and light some fire to it.   Lots of talent.  

     How cool would it be to stand on the olympic podium with an olympic gold medal hanging your neck and the “star spangled banner” playing on the speakers?  

      This blog was going to be more in depth with extremely pertinent info regarding the goat industry, but my fingers got sore from a special ed texting session and now, I can’t operate the keyboard.  All I have to say is, like the Billy Idol song from the 80s, “Mony, Mony—Ride the pony”.  Good night and good day.