Life in Paradise

     Life in paradise is hectic.  The Dragon Lady always has stuff going on.  The hired man is at church camp this week.  And me, well I’m just retarded.  I’ve got too many irons in the fire, but it will all work out.  And if it doesn’t, we will wish that it would have.  

     Paradise was actually green for the month of June.  We are starting to get hotter and drier.  It could be worse.  But, it could be better.

      Yesterday, which was Wednesday, I journeyed south of Ft. Worth near the town of Covington.  I had some donors there to be flushed.  We had dropped the donors off several weeks ago to get acclimated to try to help improve success.  This would be the first time that we had used Earl Peacock for ET work. 

      I don’t know Earl well, but I like what I have seen thus far.  Straight up, seems honest, answers questions, so on and so forth.  The amazing thing about Earl, is that you don’t hear anybody bash him.  Everybody seems to like him.  Purebred breeders, wether people, everybody.  Nobody has a bad thing to say about him.  And in the goat world, that’s saying something.  Charles Turner is the only other person in the goat game that I know of like that.  No enemies or detractors.  

      Earl and his crew were effecient, clean and timely.  They were fine with me being there and watching.  They weren’t in a hurry, but they weren’t just farting around.  They moved at a steady pace and took care of business.  I had no problems writing a check for the services.    And I’ll use them again.  

      Now, the important part, how’d the flushes go.  Typical.  Some went real well, some not so well.  There was some high value semen that settled well in one, not at all in another and pretty decent in another.  Was I upset with the outcome?  No.  Why?  Let’s see.  Frozen semen–goats–July–things happen–gamble–goats–It isn’t going to work all of the time in nature, why would I expect a bunch of humans to do any better.  By all accounts, Earl is the best at using frozen semen in goats.  His track record is good.  It didn’t work as planned or as hoped on all does, but we’re still in the game.  We’ll see how things go from here.  I know this much about flushing.  You WANT to write a big check when a flush is done.  That means lots of embryos and recips needed.  

      My thoughts so far from this adventure.  I am not afraid to use frozen semen in goats.  Which means for the right genetics, I would spend some coin.  After watching Earl and his crew in action, I will use them again.  Good experience.  Other than you don’t have cell service at his place.  As with anything, if you feel like somebody gave you an honest effort, you’ll try it again.  I don’t want to just flush goats.  I want to flush dang good goats.  There will always be some risk.  But there will also be some payoff as well.  I won’t gamble big in Vegas, but obviously I’m not afraid to go “all in” for something that will look good here in paradise.  We’ve got one big time flush that foul popped up and the catcher caught it.  $h!t!!!   Another that looks high enough, long enough and has a chance to be big. And another that is a line drive that is steadily rising as it nears the outfield fence.  It may work.  It may not.  Never Say Never.