Everything in life has different levels.  Athletics has pee wee, high school, college and professionals.  Sometimes there are levels within levels–ncaa d.1 & d2, for example.

There are different levels of hot–1.  habenero peppers  2. freshly welded metal & 3. Eischen’s fried chicken when they first bring it to the table and for the next 30 minutes before it finally cools off enough so that you don’t burn your fingerprints off of your fingers.

Different levels of pain–1. Hurts bad  2.  extremely painful & 3.  Stepping on a lego, barefoot, in the dark.

Different levels of retardation–1.  me raising animals  2.  Some parents  3.  A doe goat

Levels of frustration–1.  slow drivers in front of you  2.  moving  & 3.  raising goats


Showing as many different levels.  Everybody needs to be able to analyze themselves and honestly realize what level they are on, what level they desire to be on and what level they actually have the work ethic, time, money to achieve.

1.  Have done it for several years, but don’t work hard enough to advance beyond this stage.  Also known as half-ass.

2.  Beginners–some advance through this stage quickly, while others kind of stick around.

3.  Kind of have a clue about what is supposed to be done, but still need help.  The try is there, but the other parts haven’t fallen into place yet.

4.  Consistently having some success–win a county, maybe make a district sale and place at a major

5.  Make premium sales at district and major sales year in & year out.  Close but need something extra to take the next step–help, money, better goats, better showmanship, etc.

6.  Consistently win shows, major divisions and occasionally win a big one.  These are on everybody’s radar.  If they are in your class, everybody knows you better bring your A game or you will get beat by them.

7.  Target.  Everybody know that they are the ones to beat.  Their goals are to WIN.  Win big shows.  Works hard at selecting, feeding, showing, fitting, weight management, knowledge of judges, etc.  These don’t take a good one out until it is time.  They will be upset if they get beat, but that only fuels the fire for next time.  Might feed an animal for a year and only show that one once or twice.  A day off for them is called a premium sale.


Level 1 think they are on level 3 or 4, but because the ag teacher doesn’t like them or somebody else spends more money or knows the judge, etc, etc, etc.  

The true level 7’s think they are on level 6.



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