Let me tell ya

      It can happen to any of us, at any moment.  That car crash that is a life altering event.  Last Thursday evening, our school superintendent was involved in a collision while out feeding cows.  Nobody was really speeding.  It was just one of those intersection collisions that happens in a remote location and neither party is used to seeing anybody else at that part of the world at the same time.  Unfortunately, the other driver has already passed.  At this time, our superintendent is still in OKC and will be for awhile.  He is going to make it, but we don’t know, just yet, how bad it really is.  

      And since you probably don’t know, the superintendent is a local dude that is about 7 years older than me.  Randy Holley and his wife, both grew up in Shattuck and both work at the school.  His mom was the high school secretary.  His dad was my driver’s ed teacher.  His sisters were the life guards at the Shattuck swimming pool when I was growing up.  And he is a former ag teacher, at Shattuck.  He and I both served on the ag teacher’s board of directors together, years ago.  Tyke taught Randy’s kids.  Bill Taylor has worked with him and showed cattle with him.  Obviously, we all know each other.  Which kind of explains how I ended up teaching again.  

      Randy has a strong family support system and the community of Shattuck, and for that matter, NW Oklahoma will do everything to take care of one of their own.  He will be back in action, but it’s going to be a bit.  But let me tell ya, anyone of us could have this happen.  In a flash, life is changed.  

     Pray for Randy and his family.  And for that matter, while we are praying, let’s just pray that each of us is safe in our day-to-day travels.  Most accidents happen close to home.  GOD bless!