After serving a fifteen year sentence teaching in public schools and dealing with people all across the United States, I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with numerous people. Some could even be considered legends. The town of Waynoka has an unusual high percentage of legends. People known all across the U.S. for their livestock and FFA prowess. One of the biggest legends there is Mr. Stan Bixler.

If you know anything about the cattle industry then you should know about the Bixler Ranch. Stan has been a lifelong fancier of fine cattle. He is also widely known for his ability to analyze a speech and the delivery. He will always take time to listen and critique young people on their public speaking projects. He will offer advice to any young person on cattle projects.

Now, what makes a legend like Mr. Bixler. Is it the fact that he sired two outstanding young men that were excellent students at Waynoka? Blake and Clark are two upstanding gentlemen that are successful in everything that they do. I’m a better person for knowing them. Is it that he will always offer his great wisdom to anybody that will listen? Whether it is politics, sports, livestock, weather, oil, schools, business, etc., he knows about it. Probably because he has extra time and can watch Bloomberg, read lots of newspapers and magazines and spend time reading quality info on the internet.

I’ll tell you what makes a legend. It is a great wife. Rodeana Bixler is the one that makes Stan great. She keeps the bills paid. She modeled those boys into upstanding citizens. Rodeana helps with numerous school projects, 4-H/ FFA events, church and community activities, mowing the yard, cooking/cleaning/etc. She is probably in charge of the bovine genetic matings at the Ranch, but Stan gets the credit.

So, what I am saying is that Stan Bixler is a legend as he was smart enough to marry Rodeana and managed to keep her around all these years. Here’s to you Great American Legend–have a good day Mr. Bixler.


p.s. The Dragon Lady doesn’t want to hear that Rodeana is lucky to have you.

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