It is the 9th most played tv commercial in the regular rotation–2 insurance commercials, 2 chip commercials, 1 pop commercial, an online vehicle shopping commercial, a diet commercial, a HO pill commercial (is it HO or ED?) and THEN there it is…..the have you been exposed to Round Up commercial.   I don’t know if I should sign up for this lawsuit?

Yes, I have used round up.  Yes, I have been exposed to it.  Yes, I have used it on behalf of my employer.  And I have also used a crap-ton of 2,4-D.  As an unpaid employee of Kelln Livestock, can I sign up?  

      I’ve used more of both of these products this year than on any given year.  I’ve used them in the greenhouse, in the lawn around the ag building, parking lot, ag farm, county fairgrounds, around the house, the barns, the pens and in the garden.  This evening, I took a hand-held pump up sprayer and headed into some fields.  One 50 acre field just had a corner of weeds coming in.  Not, now.  I nuked ’em.  But there are two fields that are growing a cover-crop mix.   I would like to small square bale these fields.  10 acres total.  But one of these fields has a weed problem.  Weird.  Both plowed the same day and then seed was drilled later that same day with the same drills.  One feed plot is salvageable.  The other?   Eenh?!?  We will see.  I nuked part of it with 2,4-D.  I doubt the cowpeas fare well.  The other field, well in the words of SNL’s ButtWheat, it will be “OOTAY!”   

       As I walked these fields, I was wearing shorts and listening to the Dropkick Murphy’s.  I’m real sure that I got chemicals all over me.  It was hot and humid out.  So once done with chores, I piled my fat ass into that little blue swimming pool to cool off AND clean off.  I’m pretty sure that I entered the pool with all of the grace of a walrus.  The good thing about me cooling off in that pool, is that if there was any vegetation growing in it, is now dead.    Tammy might need to drain the pool.  From the chemicals on my legs, not from me peeing in it.

      If I had more doe goats around here, I wouldn’t have as many weeds.  

      I did play delivery boy for vegetables today.  Lots of people in the greater Ellis County area now have an ample supply of cucumbers in which to make pickles.  Crock pickles, bread & butter pickles, spicy pickles, sweet pickles, hamburger slices, dill pickles and whatever kind of pickles you would like to make out of perfect pickle cucumbers.  I got rid of lots of squash, taters, okra and some corn.  8 Dozen brown eggs.  Nobody wanted the zucchini.  I can’t blame ’em.  I’ve got calves on feed for August butcher dates.  Just doing my part to help feed those that like fresh, bad ass food.  I need a couple of pigs.  I could feed the zucchini to them.  

        And here is how today’s completely “worthwhile” post will tie most, not all,  current events into the goat industry.  R U READY?  

        I was in a group text that involved some discussion of the current covid BS.  Just effing retarded.  One of the group members texted a clip of the cali governor’s new mandates.  (Please keep those dumb donkey rules out west)   Another Cali member of this group text responded, “He’s another one (the gov.) that needs to be drowned in a bucket of goat piss.”    

       And here’s my question…..which would be worse…..drowning in a bucket of goat piss   OR    having to collect said bucket of goat piss? 

I think that I will just stick with dealing with some round up and 2, 4-D.   

For some reason, I feel that I should proof-read this post.  Naahhh!! It is what it is.  

I’m going to go practice my accordion and get ready for my big album release.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  


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