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There is a lot about this industry that I don’t like.  At some point, you just get numb to the fact that you will lose a goat or two, for no apparent reason.  But, it is never the right one.

Thank you to all of the buyers in the broke2show wether sale.  There were some very good buys in that sale.  I find it interesting that there 4 animals and they sold to 4 different states.  The power of the internet.

The buck pics are up and ready for viewing on  Give us a call or better yet, come look.

I sent the student teacher along with Daryle Greer in a couple of suburbans to NWOSU FFA contests in Alva.  I need to do that more often as the 3 teams that we sent came off with a 1st place Natural Resources team, 2nd place Entomology team and 3rd place Ag Communications team.  The kids came home fired up.

Tammy gives me crap about checking out the chive.  She doesn’t have a sense of humor so some of that stuff just doesn’t make sense to her.  But, I like it.  Especially when they post some random kind-of historical stuff.  The stuff that makes you look it up and continue reading about a topic.  Such is the case with Peter Freuchen.  Google that dude up and read about his exploits.  It’s hard to believe there isn’t a movie about him even though he actually played in an oscar winning movie.  There are several different websites that chronicle the tales of this badass.  Plus, his last name gives me a new word to use.

Last night, as I hauled off the carcass of a heavy bred doe that just decided to give up life for no known reason, all I could think was “Freuchen goats!’

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