Just Stuff

    The wind is howling like a gut-shot comanche in an old western movie.  But we didn’t have any tornasty’s or hail.  We got about a 1/4″ of drizzle at our little piece of paradise south of Fargo.

I’ve decided that my job would be pretty good if it wasn’t for employees, customers and computers.  Other than that, it is just wonderful

     I’ve been trying to digest the recent online sale of Goofy.  He has sired good goats and is definitely backed by in-demand genetics.  He is a known commodity that brings name recognition.  He can change a herd of does in one kid crop and immediately bring a name to the new owners.  It might be the cheapest advertisement that the new owners will ever get.  On the other hand, he is 6 years old and hasn’t sired a major winner in OK or TX.  I haven’t decided if he was cheap at $25k or a bargain.  Something to think about, the original breeder made money using him and then selling him.  Dereu made money using him, selling semen and then selling him again.  My bet, the new owners make money using him.  

     Bottom line, it takes money to play this goat game.  A person can’t be afraid to step out there and try something.  It helps to have knowledge to back up the gamble.  I guarantee you that Helms was nervous when he wrote the check for 191.  I was a little bit twisted up when I bought Joe Dirt and Freak on a Leash on the same weekend.  Milligan was jacked up when he got MoneyBags bought.  Those deals worked out.  I was numb to it all when I bought Rumour Has It.  I bet he works out.  Sometimes, you just got to get bent and do it.  And then buy insurance.

     My real question…if Goofy is worth $25k, what is Showtime, 191, Freaky, etc. worth on the open market?