I’m currently on a journey. Not gone looking for goats, but supposedly on a vacation. I told the Dragon Lady that I want to go somewhere that is cooler than Nw Ok. that worked out well as it is cool & wet at home & hot as heck here. I’m not sure if I’m having fun yet, but have seen some cool stuff. Fenway Park and a few other parts of Boston. Found a good Reuben for lunch. Had a chive t-shirt on today. Got a chive on from a stewardess on the plane & from a Boston cop. Better yet, we stopped in to a pub by Fenway and some stranger bought Tammy & I a beverage, walked over & said “Nice shirt. Chive on.” I’m sure I will get to see some historical stuff tomorrow. There will be a lobster dinner in the near future. Friday night– Red Sox\Yankees. Haven’t seen any goats yet, but I bet I can find it on a menu.