The Champion’s Choice jackpot was this past Saturday.  This was an extremely good show.  Top to bottom, left to right and any other way you want to put it, the quality was stellar in both the wether and doe shows.  There wasn’t a bad goat in the ring.  Some of those classes were brutally tough.  Extremely good quality show and it will only get better next year.  There were some awfully good goats standing 3rd or 4th.  There were premium sale goats that sifted.  That isn’t knocking the judge, that’s how deep the classes were.  Whether you agreed with the judge or not, you could follow what he was doing and he used dang good goats.  Some good ones got beat, but they got beat by good ones.  Remember, if you don’t want to get one beat, don’t show it.

     Speaking of the judge, I always enjoy getting to see Charles and Jo Ellyn Turner.  They are a true livestock family that is involved in all phases of the livestock industry and most importantly, with the kids–their own and others.  If you haven’t met the Turners, you need to. 

     Both OU and OSU got screwed by the bowl selection deal yesterday.  I guess the good thing is both teams will play in Dallas, so it is a short drive for anybody wanting to go.  Northern Illinois in a BCS bowl?  RUSM!!!

     Look for this Champion’s Choice jackpot to continue to grow in numbers and $s. 

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