It’s working again!

It looks like the blog is back up and running again. Maybe it was the cold weather that kept it from working. It sounds like quite a few people around the country found water leaks that they didn’t know that they had. It ain’t fun when stuff freezes up. I hope everybody has been able to keep animals warm and healthy during this polar event.

I have a lot of thoughts about last weekends Champions Choice Jackpot. There was a lot of discussion amongst breeders on whether to have it or not. We decided to wait and see how the week went. As Friday neared, it became appararent that Norman & most of the rest of OK did not have much bad weather just cold. There was an area around Ada that had ice. And several showmen around that area called and told us that if we have the show, they are coming. A large majority of the breeders voted to continue with the show, knowing that numbers would be down.

The show was held and there were no travel problems. The barn was very warm and I would venture to say that most people and animals were warmer at the show than they would have been at home. There was no risk to anybody. PERIOD!

Here’s my thoughts about last weekend:

1–The show was NOT mandatory. If you didn’t want to go, keep your ass at home. Don’t complain. Just shut the hell up and stay home.

2–It is apparent that the news weather sensationalizes a lot of these wether events.

3–Basketball games were still held around the state. We even had people drive to Norman, drop off goats, then drive an hour and a half to a game, then come back all in the same night.

4–The quality was extremely good. Does & wethers.

5–It was the Breeders that put the money up for this show and therefore, it was our call on whether to have it or not.

6–Kami Oller took home a BIG check from this show.

7–The quality of showmen was fantastic.

8–I was amazed and dissapointed by texts and calls sent to breeders whining about us having the show. Once again, if you couldn’t make it, stay home.


Basically, the OKC area and most in Eastern OK shut down when there is inclement weather. We are used to it out here. And there is not a concern given to western OK when there is bad weather out here but not in OKC. There are lots of stories about state basketball tournaments where snowplows had to be used for miles in order to get buses out of Arnett, Leedey, Beaver, etc in order to get the kids to OKC for basketball games as they weren’t going to reschedule for just a couple of schools.

Think about this: OYE or Tulsa wouldn’t have rescheduled for this past weather event. This show paid BETTER than Tulsa–wethers and does. It was comparable to OYE premium sale and the Champion’s Choice doe show is a helluva lot better than the OYE doe fiasco.