It’s Monday…

and we need some motivation to make it through the week.  I’m big on making to-do lists on sticky notes.  And I do enjoy crossing things off those listed items on these lists.  There’s another one done.  However, this week looks like there is stuff that will get moved to next week.  And then you come to this Monday….

     And the wheels fell off the wagon.  I got home early this morning with some stock.  A day early and I was a day behind.  Tammy went to get feed for these critters and Duke had pens ready.  I remember thinking about 5 this morning, “This will work until tonight and Duke and I can take care of it.”  

     School went as expected for a Monday after the county fair.  Of course, several of my ag meckers ate some of the cookies, cupcakes, bread and jelly that some kids had entered and had left over.  But this led to an economics class right after lunch.  A freshman girl was getting ready to throw her pan of 3rd place brownies in the trash.  As she did so, she simply said, “These brownies are still moist.”  I said, “Don’t trash them.”  She asked, “Why?”   I said, there are 13 moronic freshman boys in that classroom.  One of them will pay a dollar for those brownies.”  Guess what?  I was right.  She did say, “Thank you.”  

      As the Monday went on, it became apparent that I was going to have mind some gaps.  As in minding gaps in the chore cycle at the Kelln Kompound.  Why?  Well, our little Heisman trophy candidate got injured in football practice.  “Just” a broken wrist.  The 2014 season is done for Duke.  One game played–2 tackles–one broken wrist–season done.  

      I met his mother at the hospital as they were finishing the cast.  I said, “I guess you’re not showing this fall?”  He got pissed.  “I can show. I’ll be ready.”  
On the bright side of breaking a wrist, my mother texted Duke that she had home-made ice cream ready at the house when he got out of the ER.  I went along to check things out.  I ate a piece of home-made peach pie and a bowl of strawberry ice cream.  Things checked out well and I had no effects.  Other than I needed a nap.  I laid there on my parent’s couch, silently laughing to myself.  Twenty years from now, Duke will remember that he broke his wrist in football practice and got to go eat fresh ice cream at MiMi’s house right after getting out of the ER.  The things you remember from having GRANDparents around.  I guess that’s why they are GRAND.  

      Sometimes, you wonder if you are raising your kids properly.  And then there are times, that you can kick back and say, “Yeah, you’re (we’re) doing it right”.  

And the important part of that (we’re) is the HER, part.  If you are like me, or my dad, or my brothers, you better find the HER. That is is the important part of making a lot of this stuff work.  FIND HER….and well, then the rest gets easy.  You buy a big lawn mower for HER.  You apologize once or twice a year.  And you say, “Thank You” as often as you can without making it seem cheap.  AND, most importantly, you make sure HER kids are taken care of.  And once all of the work is done, you sit back and realize that most of your kids fallacies are a direct result of your genetic lineage.  And, that is the part that you “can show out of them if you know what you are doing.”   

     And for the daily afternoon randomness part, we’ve got a family friend that crashed his ultra-light aircraft at a Kelln cousin’s house a week ago.  He’s going to be fine, but it just further proves that I am RETARDED but not entirely stupid.  I am not afraid of flying, but I have no desire to be in an aircraft that has the frame of a folding lawn chair and powered by a lawn mower engine.  I’m sure that there are times that the Dragon Lady would like for me to take up flying ultra-lights, but I can think of a bunch of different ways that I would rather go.  Use your imagination.  And remember, I will go out with a smile.  

CHIVE ON!   KCCO!  Get Bent and Have a a wonderful day full of shamrocks, lucky charms and horseshoes.  Stay flexible but not limp.  Cheers!!!