It’s just wrong

      Duke is trying to do a 7th grade science fair project.  We came up with some ideas and he chose to do a smell test.  Is it natural or is it artificial?  He gathered up 10 artifcial “smells” and then got 10 corresponding Natural smells of the same item. For example, item #5 was Garlic.  Both the real Garlic and the fake Garlic had a heckuva odor.  Item 10 was grape.  When I smell the sample 10, item B, I just want to drink some grape kool-aid.  

       There is nothing wrong with a science fair project.  It is actually pretty cool to have both parents involved.  There were “blind” tests given.  Actually, double blind.  We gathered Empircal data in a double blind format  The subjects just had to smell 2 samples and answer which was Natural and which was Artificial.  That’s it.  What’s wrong with this deal?   

  Duke, Tammy and I loaded up in a ’93 Chevy van and headed out to perform this experiment.  “Step inside this van and smell this.”  There are a lot of Law & Order SVU episodes that start with a van and a promise.  Proper temperature, mood lights, leather seats, etc.  The scary thing is that most of the victims (I mean subjects) readily agreed to get inside the side doors of the van and smell the aromas.  

      The thing that I noticed first was that there two schools of thought.  1–That smells stronger, that must be the natural one.  2–That smells stronger, that must be artificial. 

      The next thing that I noticed was that my sister-in-law, Jessica, was 10 for 10 and didn’t have to think about it.  She was dead on.  Her husband was also accurate, but he had to think about it.  The scary part was that Big Bill was pretty accurate and pretty decisive about what he smelled.  However, his offspring weren’t as good.  Duke did NOT use MANDY GREER as a subject.  Why?  Because she hasn’t smelled anything for more than a decade.  That has worked to her benefit while changing diapers.  

      “Hey.  You.  Come over here and get inside this van and smell this.”  It’s just kind of wrong.  

On a goat note.  The weather was decent in this part of the world.  It is way fun watching 1to 2 week old kids running loose outside for their first time.  These nursing does are eating more alfalfa and more feed than I have EVER let does eat.  But, I like the way the babies are looking so I don’t mind the added cost.