It’s Friday?

     What a screwed up week.  Crazy busy at work on Monday.  Off on Tuesday.  It doesn’t feel like a Friday.  Our resident scholar is glad that it is a short school work week.  It has been a weird week.  

     Last saturday, Duke wrestled in Tonkawa.  On our way home, we decided to stop and see a former student who lives north of Cleo Springs.

     Brady Thomas showed pigs for us at Fairview.  He and his family are a true FFA family.  They worked hard, but always helped everybody else.  Pig shows, cattle shows, come watch a goat show, fund raisers, didn’t matter.  The Thomas family loves to help others. I don’t get to see Brady very often, but he calls me several times a month to check on Tammy, Kela and Duke.  And to give me crap about OSU.  Like everybody else, Brady isn’t perfect.  He has one terrible drawback–he is a HUGE ou fan.  I mean HUGE.  When we got to his house, the first thing he wanted to show us was his newly redone bedroom.  The room has been done in complete ou.  The bedspread is ou.  Pillows–sooners.  I shit you not, the carpet is crimson and the walls are cream.  90% of this room is ou.  The only things not ou are some family/friend pictures, FFA pictures, pig show pictures and plaques and a calendar.  His grandpa Marvin had gotten Brady a calendar for 2013.  Nothing but attractive girls in bikinis.  All very tastefully photoed.  Brady showed me each picture for 2013.  He definetily liked some better than others.  If you all think our crew has a large time showing goats now, be glad Brady and his parents aren’t there.  Always a large time to be had when the Thomas’ are involved.  These are the kind of people that show Fred, Poe, myself and others how to have a large time.  One thing about it, you will always be in a good mood after talking to Brady.  Unless he gets excited and then you may not understand what the hell he said.

     Tuesday, we had a wine tasting at my parents house.  Uncle Jim wanted to share his wine and knoweldge, therefore a wine tasting.  Nine different varieties from California, France, Italy, South Africa, Australia and then throw in a home-made vintage.  Meats, cheeses, small tasting wine glasses–it was borderline professional.  We have culture here in NW Oklahoma.  

     As far as the goat world goes, nothing but keeping wethers warm, hay in front of does, ice broke and looking at gates that have been beat to hell by over destructive does.  In other words, not the fun time of year when raising goats.


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