It’s baaack!!

     Hold your skirt down, the wind is back.  And it came back with a vengeance.  I hadn’t missed it and I hope it goes away soon.  Dry, dirty and windy….as Jodi Seelke stated earlier, “You can grow a garden in your ears.”  

      We are waiting in anticipation as Sasha the corgi is due anyday.  She looks miserable.  We knew the due date because somebody was present to document the conception with a phone camera shot.  I think the term in the dog world is “LOCKED UP like two dogs f…..”  

      It’s also time to get serious about buying goats.  Sale season in TX and OK is BACK.  Some people get in too big of a hurry and just go to buying, then later regret doing what they did.  And then they buy another to fill the void when they should have gotten help and bought the right one.  Some want to wait till it fits their schedule better and miss out on goats that they needed for their price point.  And some of us buy whenever we see one that we like that fits our budget.  

      Sat down to look at my list of goats to buy for people.  All of the usual suspects have contacted me over the past couple of weeks about getting wethers.  But only 4 actually told me how many, how much and what their goals were.  Of course, I could have a helluva year if Duke, Bree, Chesley and Sarah are the only ones that I have to buy for.  

      A pile of others have told 1 or 2 parts of the orders.  But not exact details.  Makes it hard to buy when you don’t know details.  “We want 4 wethers or we would like to win….”   “Need a cheap one to make the sale at Tulsa and we want to kick ass at OYE.”  Okay.  But what are you willing to spend to get those 4 wethers that are going to win whatever?  What exactly is your definition of kicking ass at OYE?  

     And now, that I’m self-employed, I’m not buying without a commitment.  It’s best to have the info together to try to put package deals together.  Look at the rest of the world–Wal Mart–buys in volume, sells cheaper.  If you can minimize travel, that saves fuel & motel money.  As a breeder, you like to see several head leaving to proven feeders and getting off the feed bill.  As a buyer, it makes expenses average out.  If I have to drive 1,000 miles to buy one goat, fine.  I can do it.  Have done it.  But gas, tires, time, etc. costs money.  If you want to win OYE or Tulsa, fine.  Been there done that.  It costs money.  We’ve done it with cheap wethers and we’ve done it with wethers that cost more than a good pickup.  

     A lot of people take stuff for granted.  Partially my fault, but mostly not.  I will continue to help buy, feed and show goats for people.  But I will not do it for free.  Nor should I be expected to.  I’m still wrestling with how much more of it that I want to do.  I like the crew that I have been helping.  But, there will have to be changes.

     Nobody needs to read this and think that I am pissed at anybody.  I’m not.  I am perfectly content with just taking care of 4 kids and their goat projects.  We do a really good job already. 

     On another note. I really like looking at this pen of Rumour Has It babies.  The wethers are healing up and look the part and handle better.  B.A.B.s looks the part and gets better when you handle her.  Most of these will sell at Norman or at Saturday Night Live.  

      Saw Helms facebook bid-off doe the other day.  Don’t know where the bidding is on her, but she’s one of the best ones that have been offered.  

     On a funny note. It is comical to walk across the drive with a pickup load of Georgians when one of them spies a 30″ snake and jumps up and sideways.  This in turn causes three others to jump.  The snake is more scared than the rest.  I turned looked and said, “It ain’t a rattler.  Just a small bullsnake.  Wait.  Nope.  It’s a puff adder look at its head spreading.”  One of them, said, “I don’t care what kind of snake it is.  It’s a snake and I DO NOT like it. Is a puff adder poisonous?”  Nope.  But they can scare the beejesus out of you.  

       Have a good night, a great morning and hopefully the wind goes away tomorrow.  And hopefully, no rattlers.