Is it Friday yet?

     NOOOO!  It is not Friday yet.  But we are one day closer.  I really miss the days/weeks that I had in May/June/July when I didn’t care what time or day it was.  I only shaved for church or when the Dragon Lady told me to.  Duke and I got stuff done and we ate lunch when and where it best suited us.  Now, I’m retarded.

      Clicked on facebook tonight.  I check facebook most mornings and most evenings.  I don’t post much and I really don’t read much.  I just look to see what was added to me, requests and I recently figured out that there is a place for messages.  I have replied to a few of those.  I actually get 1 to 6 requests a night.  Why?  I don’t know.  I always read the names of the requests and there have been very few that I denied.  I will add requests from people, such as “Brett from Tibet” and “Ishmael from Israel”.  Heck, they might want a goat.

      Tonight….I only had one.  And I laughed.  The pic of the person was a chimpanzee smoking a cigarette.  RUSM?!  They couldn’t have found a more fitting photo of a guy than this chimp with a cigarette.  The chimp EVEN looks like he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think.   Many of you goaters will know who it is.  He is the godfather of all things goats with papers.  Nobody can clip, photo or make goats look like he can.  He has the banners and genetics to back it up.  And there is always a cigarette and he really doesn’t give a $h!t what you think about him.  

      This teaching gig has hammered home the point of how old I have gotten to be.  I can tell stories that took place before these kids older siblings were even born.  I knew that I was getting old, but then I realize that Pullan, Nation and Lamle are still teaching.  i just look and feel old.  Those dudes actually are OLD!  

      I just had to look at the facebook pic again.  The chimp has that look like, “Well if it isn’t Friday, it ought to be.” Here’s to Tuesday evenings, daughters in LA, sons with casts on their arm, Moms everywhere and pictures that make me laugh, no matter what day it is.