Irons in the fire & turds in the water.

     Too many irons in the fire.  That fits me right now.  Work has been crazy.  I can tell you this much for sure.  When running a business, it is better to hire too many people than not have enough.  If a quasi-qualified applicant comes in and wants a job, hire them.  You will need them sooner than you think.  If a good one comes in, make room for them.  Pay the good ones, get rid of the culls and keep the common ones as long as they aren’t costing you money.  It’s a lot like raising show animals.  

    Got word that Dereu had the grand wether at the Nebraska State Fair today, sired by JOE DIRT.  That’s all Dirt does is sire good ones.  Congrats to them!

     How about these dumbasses that were elected to run this country?  Wow!!  Other than keeping CNN, FOX news and Rush Limbaugh busy talking, they can’t do a dang thing right.  Pile of coat hangers, upside down tackle box or a box of fishing worms.  There just isn’t an easy way to fix this deal.  Our court system, jeeminy, what a skid mark–I mean the kind of skid mark in your underwear where you go “Dang, I should have wiped better.”  They are going to actually listen to a case to remove “One nation, under GOD” from the pledge of allegiance.  SON OF A FEMALE DOG!!  Don’t even bother listening to this case.  Kick it out.  If they don’t like our pledge, go to a different country or just shut up.  I respect a good lawyer, but I’ve got no use for these lawyers that twist the system just to make a splash.  Give me a lawyer that hangs a shingle that says, “Defend the innocent, Prosecute the guilty and Protect the widows and orphans.”  You know, the kind that would trade a couple of chickens and pigs in lieu of cash, in order to do a solid job while providing a service.  


Two short sentences will tell you a lot about our current government/media. (government/media–what’s the difference?)

We are told to NOT judge all muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.

But, we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.


I’m not anti-muslim.  I just don’t want anybody telling me what to believe or trying to kill me for what I do/ or don’t believe.  I also don’t want somebody telling me if I can have a gun or not.  Religion and guns have a lot in common.  When used in the wrong manner, they are both dangerous.  Same thing with government.  

Just let me go to Mass when I can, go to work, do what I do, make money, spend money and pay my taxes.  If I want to shoot a floating cow turd with a .22, then let me be and don’t make me have to search far & wide for a box of .22 shells to buy.  

       Sometimes, after a rough month or so at work or anytime dealing with goats, a person just ought to be able to shoot a turd to feel better.  I’m not talking going postal.  I’m talking just blowing up an actual floating turd.  Pretty cheap therapy.  Horse turds float especially well.  Actually, when you think about it, a little target practice such as shooting a floating turd or two, might make us a more relaxed, productive nation.  One nation, under GOD.