The busiest goat buying time of the year is rapidly approaching. I’m ready for it because it means that 1–I’m addicted to the thrill of the hunt and 2–I will soon be eating at Cooper’s BBQ in Llano. Yes!!

One of the most common questions that I am asked is “How much money do I need to spend?” This is a dang near impossible question for me to answer. Only you can answer it, but first you have to answer several questions.

1–How much money can I budget for it?

2–What are our goals?

3–Will we actually work hard enough, show properly, take care of business to achieve those goals and justify spending this money?


It is hard for people to honestly answer question #3, but it is the most important. If the work isn’t going to get done, don’t spend a pile of cash.


If somebody tells me that they want three wethers for a combined total of $1,500, I tell them they are better off with two for $1,500. Buy one that I have confidence in and one that is a little greener but has the right genetics & design, and therefore has a chance.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. I don’t like buying wethers for 2 or 3 thousand dollars apiece. But I know that Duke will get them fed and shown properly and therefore he can hold his money together. Fortunately, he makes money at this game. Now, I have been known to lose some. But if it is money spent on a kid, it was money well spent. An investment in the future.

I have also noticed that good ones are cheaper to feed. Why? Because you aren’t trying every dang voodoo top dress to get them to pop muscle or walk better or fix whatever problem they have. The good ones just need proper feed, exercise and work.

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