Sometimes, when trying to write this word-of-the-day (BLOG), it is hard to interpret how the readers will take what is written.  Sometimes, when writing it, I know that there will be some crap stirred.  Other times, I don’t expect to receive any feedback.  Like last night, or a couple of posts this past week.  

     As somebody that is involved with sales on numerous levels, I think it is important to understand the MARKET.  I have gone back and re-read several of these posts and I don’t understand why most people would have a problem with what was written.  Of course, as I have written before, if the shoe fits….(think of Al Bundy trying to help you find the proper shoe that fits).  Now granted, the last line that gives the Sesame Street address might get somebody to thinking of who lives there.  Well, it isn’t just goat breeders.  I’ve been around the livestock business a long time, so there are numerous breeders of various species that reside there.

     The CRITICAL post was pretty self explanatory.  Everybody should analyze their program, themselves and their surroundings.  I am constantly evaulating my operations.  What did I do wrong?  What can I do better?  Was I in control of that situation?  What do I need to do to improve?  Even if I don’t work to fix something, I know the problem.  Then, sometimes, I try to work around it.  A lot of the time, the problem is me.  Now what?  Well, it isn’t because I’m bi-polar.  They have medicine for that.  I don’t even like to take an aspirin.  I know that I need somebody to be an advisor, but there is a chance that I will only kind of listen.  I admit that I could use a marketer. 

     The HOME ALONE post was facts that I have learned over the past couple of decades working with kids.  They will find success where they can.  I wasn’t aiming at anybody, but if Al Bundy has a shoe out….. try it on.  I don’t want to teach again.  Why?  I am now paid to deal with that kind of crap.  Last that I checked, public school teachers still aren’t paid enough.  Ask me in 6 years if that was a good post.  I bet that I will say that it was a productive one.  If not, I will wish that it would have been.

      Interpretation is all in the mind of the reader.  I mean, how many different religions can interpret the word of GOD so many different ways.  Then, there is your supreme court that has hell interpreting the constitution, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights.  It says, “In GOD we trust”.  But they leave GOD out of the decisions. How often do you think those judges(court, not stock show judges) were wishing that they had a milligan?  Everybody needs a mulligan, a do-over, a let’s fix this and get it right kind of deal.   

     Not to seem bi-polar, but can somebody explain to me the insects this year?  Jeeminy crickets, we had a wicked blizzard at the end of February.  Then had multiple late season freezes in April & May.  Shouldn’t that have wiped out some bugs?  There are flies all over the place and the grasshoppers are big enough that you duck before they hit the windshield.  

      Sesame Street.  You bet.  You might have to be of a certain age to understand it.  But every episode ended with “This episode was brought to you by the letters D & A and the numeral 1”.  Of course, back then, Bert & Ernie were straight and tickle me Elmo was just a red, furry puppet.  Whatever happened to Oscar the Grouch?  Does he still live in a can?  Nope.  He is kicked back drinking bi-polar medication out of a can and probably has a word-of-the-day (blog).  Speaking of puppets. I kind of liked the muppets.  Gonzo, Fozzy, Animal and the rest of the gang were fun.  But, I wasn’t trying to interpret anything into what they were saying.  

Stay flexible, but not limp.