The internet is an amazing tool when used properly.  It has definitely changed the way ag products are marketed.  I routinely get calls and e-mails from all across the U.S. regarding goats.  Although most of my sale goats stay in OK, the online sales have generated interest outside the state. 

     The internet affects equipment sales as well.  Even though it is dry in our part of the world and not many people are looking to buy balers, swathers or tractors, people in other parts are looking to buy.  We make sure every piece of used equipment is listed on tractorhouse or usedexpress.  We sell a lot of equipment over the internet.  It is easy to tell when the weather is bad in another part of the country, as farmers get their chores done and go inside to the computer to look for equipment.  When we get numerous calls from Minnesota on the same day, you can bet there is a blizzard going on up there.

     In my opinion, most breeders do not utilize the internet to its potential.  At the bare butted minimum, any breeder, no matter how large or small, should have a page that lists contact info.  Online sales won’t work for everybody, but they have their place in the industry.  Banner ads always make visitors look to see what is going on.  They are probably the most cost effective form of advertising anywhere.

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