A lot of people question my intelligence, but I am the smartest person in this household.  I have proof.  22 years ago, the Dragon Lady and I got married.  It was an extravagant ceremony with lots of family and friends.  Hhmm….maybe not.  It was legal though.  

      Just think of the lack of intelligence on her part to say “Yes” to me.  Yes, it should have happened two years previous, but at that time, it wouldn’t have worked.  We didn’t do things exactly as they should have happened, but somehow, it has managed to work.  Somehow, we raised a good daughter.  And we are working together to try to raise a good son.  There are even positive signs that we might be getting that done.  

      How about this conversation:  Ernie to Helms–“How about this Dragon Lady?  How did Kelln pull this off?”  Helms—“Ernie, all I know is that ol’ Kelln married up.”  

Once again, Kenneth Helms would be correct.  I did marry up.  Way up!   If at any time you people want to question my intelligence, just take a glance at the Dragon Lady, shake your head and think, “Well, somehow, he tends to get what he wants.”

      I just hope that she holds together/ages as well as I have.  (there is a lot of sarcasm in that previous statement).

 All I really know is this…when you google the word LUCKY, the first listing should be KELLN.  That low rent, dumb donkey hit the lottery and has managed to keep it together for OVER 2 decades. 

     Here’s to all of you that have stayed together, raised kids, and managed to keep it all together–for better or worse.  It isn’t easy (for her) but it’s all good.  


P.S.  Here’s a big tip of the cap to anybody else that shares this anniversary date.  Especially those that remember to text/call/email a reminder.  No names mentioned.  I’m just glad to be here to help.