Says the Dragon Lady.  “You went to Quitaque, Texas and did not come home with a wether? What’s wrong with you?”  

They weren’t for sale.  I bought does.  He has a LOT of does–big and small.  Look at them.  They’re good.  Lunch was good.  

      Then she said, “You ARE retarded.  James Sweet better have written the check for those.”  At this point, James grunted and ducked to get out of the way.  

Uh-Oh!  “Nope.  I wrote the check. Duke might want to show a doe.”  The BS meter was spiking at that point.  “But Honey, they can raise really good wethers.”  

      We found the breaking point.  I quickly learned that I already had too many does and didn’t need to buy any more and that I am mentally challenged and that I am a moron and… and… and…

       And big thanks to James who just stood there and agreed with her.  Ahh, well, I’ve got thick skin.  I’ve done dumber stuff than this and I can prove it.

Yes, there were wethers out there.  But they are going to be sold at the August ranch sale and then at Labor Day.  Alright, I’ll wait till then.  

     So, yes, I went there and didn’t buy a wether.  Does?  Yes.  I saw a pile of good ones.  More importantly, I actually did the impossible. I left that ranch with a check.    Of course, the check I wrote was bigger than the one I got.  It all keeps the economy in the goat world going in a positive direction.  Moving like water in a stream.