I hope….

I hope that the rest of my weeks of being self-employed are as busy, productive and fulfilling as the first week.  Physically–I’m sore.  Mentally–refreshed.  And to answer the next question….No, it has not been profitable. Yet.  But I hope it will be.  

I hope that tomorrow (Friday) is as fulfilling as I think it will be.

I hope that the Rumour babies that are due in June look as good as the March/April set.  

I hope that B.A.B.s is as good as everyone tells me she is.  

I hope that Joe Dirt, Rumour Has It and Rainman click with the newly added doe genetics.  I hope and I’ll bet that it does.  Heck, for that matter, I’ve already pushed all in, so I guess that it’s pretty obvious that I’m not cocky about it, just real confident.  

I hope that we aren’t done seeing some rain.  

I hope that the doe kid market is really strong this summer as I have a butt-load of really cool doe kids.  

I hope that everybody else enjoys life as much as I do.  I realize that I am lucky to be here, lucky to have a strong family, lucky to chase opportunities and hopefully, I stay hopefull and lucky.  

And, for those of you that have a mental image of me being self-employed and have texted asking…..Yes, my daily attire does involve camo/army shorts, HIGH quality comfortable shoes, shirt optional (depending on who is here) and consumption is down.  I’ve only had two Mt. Dews in the past week.