I got some!

     Yep, I got some rain last night.  1.6″ in all 3 gauges around the farm.  It is an official measurement as I cleaned the dead bugs out of the gauges right as the rain started about 5 pm yesterday.  It was a really good rain.  No wind.  It came straight down from 5 to about 9.  Time to get the drills ready because there will be a lot of wheat drilled in this part of the world the next couple of weeks.  

     I’ve also got some does bred.  I had turned Rumour in with a pen of does during the middle of July just to see what would happen.  Guess what?  He got some.  Tammy took a trailer load to the vet yesterday and had them ultra-sounded.  I probably need to sell a few of these as I really don’t want to kid a pile of them in December, but they are all really good, proven does.  We’ll see.

     Today, I will eat my traditional cheddar burger at Earl’s.  It’s tradition for us to go to OYE or the State Fair, unload, setup and then go to Earl’s for lunch.