Hurry up and CLOSE!!

As I am typing this, I am trying to buy a couple of critters online. I don’t like this extended bid crap. I am sure that some would enjoy the fact that I am getting my ass kicked by an online auction. However, the makers of bud light like it. I do enjoy the max bid feature. Wait.

Hold on.

YES!! It is finally over. I got a couple bought.

I will mail a check tomorrow and then make arrangements to pick these guys up. They are ONLY 9 hours aways. I will have them back here and on feed by the 29th. I had made arrangements with the breeder before hand, that if I got any bought, I would pick them up on the date. They won’t be there past that date. Why? Because I told him I would get them then. Not later.


There are a lot of positives to an online sale. One of the few negatives are waiting on people to come get their damn animal at their convenience, even when they told you they would be there to get it. If an animal hangs around my place, they start to get expensive. Maybe, even real expensive.

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