Hunh?? Really?!?!

      I have been to Churchill Downs and bet on the ponies.  I have yet to attend the Kentucky Derby, but I would so much like to be at that event.  I try to watch this horse race every year.  And I did so this year.  

     Like everyone else, I did enjoy the story that this horse only cost $1,000 as a yearling and then $35,000 as a two year old.  I made the comment, “Hell, I could get into the thoroughbred race horse business at those prices.  Cheaper than the goat industry.”  BUT, I also made the comments, “This was no accident.”  This cheap, little horse ended up with a trainer that has won 7, now 6 Kentucky Derby races.  The jockey has won 4, now 3.  Accident? Luck?  I think not.  At some point, somebody realized that this horse could win, well, with the right enhancements.  And let’s be real, cheating at horse racing is probably one of the oldest forms of cheating.  

      And now, the truth comes out.  


      It doesn’t matter what the event is……if there is a winner, a high score or a chance to advance one’s own kid or ego, ethics will come into play and then disappear like a fart in the wind.  ACT scores, umpires calling balls and strikes, stock shows…..anywhere that there is a chance to get ahead, somebody is looking for that advantage.  This isn’t a new thing.  Am I jaded?   Yes, for sure.   I have seen more than I should.  I can tell you that there are feed companies that have worked with “horse” trainers to develop products for stock show animals.  At OYE this year, I saw numerous “horse” additives sitting out in plain view.  I wish that I didn’t know what those additives are used for, but I do.  

      Jaded…yes.    Have I given up hope that the livestock show industry is a lost cause?    Not at all!  I just realize that there needs to be a correction in the marketplace. 

It all becomes about one’s perspective.  Cheating bastards!   

       Do I still want to go to the Kentucky Derby?  Yes, but I want to walk away with a good feeling.  Other than too many over-priced mint juleps.  Let’s be real.  I’m only good for one mint-julep.  After that….

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