Hump Day

     It is Wednesday, so it is Hump Day.  It is a downhill slide to the end of the week.  It should be a slow time of year at work, but I have been plenty busy.  A good problem to have. 

     Finally, got the big barn cleaned out on Sunday.  There is a working fridge in there now, so I can keep, umm, things cold.  Hopefully, I can get the fridge set right so that they will be Kelln cold without freezing.  Now, I can start on the garage and the red barn.  Then I’m going to cut some trees down and trim some others. 

     I’ve got a little buck prospect at the house that we call Rumour Has It.  He has decided that he wants to be a buck.  You don’t want to get too close to his pen.  He is a April 19 kid and is weighing close to 100 pounds.  He has grown well and looks good.  I’m real pleased with how he looks and handles.  I haven’t seen a perfect one yet, but he has a pile of good to him.  We are going to let him get some action next week. 


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