What do goats not like? WET  We all know that goats don’t like to be wet.  They will jump over the overflow from a stock tank that is 4″ wide like they are trying to hurdle a fire-ringed Grand Canyon in an Evil Knievel rocket bike.  

What is the most over-rated weather condition when considering goat production?  HEAT  This border-line satanic species of animal can handle heat.  They were bred for it.  As long as they know where they can get a drink and find some shade, goats can handle heat like no other show species.  They’ll go out and graze at 3 pm when it is hotter than hades.  Go try to catch a couple of weanling goats when it is a dry 110 degrees.  You better be in 3-a-days football shape in order to catch them.  They don’t get winded.  Put 50 of them in an aluminum gooseneck trailer and head down the road.  As long as there is air moving, they are fine.   I like showing wethers when it is hot.  It’s simple–keep fluids in them and keep them fresh.  

What weather wrecks more goats than any other?  COLD  SImply put, too many people mis-manage goats in cold weather.  Every fall I write about this.  This is a management problem that can be prevented.  Watch the weather and plan ahead.  

What is the most under-rated weather condition that inhibits goat production?  HUMIDITY  When the humidity level is high and the air is calm, goats will lay around llike a bunch of welfare candidates waiting on the mailman to deliver a check.  They shut it down.  Nursing and weanling goats back off on feed.  Lactating does don’t millk very well.  Mature does just act lethargic.  Parasites become a problem.  Bucks don’t want no action (unless it is a KELLN, and they’re still ready, willing and able).  Hooves grow at a high rate.  South Texas is used to this problem.  Obviously, the Georgians and SE know how to deal with it.  Ohio and the rest of the midwest can have high humidity.  NW OK–not very often.  

     Thankfully, this summer, humidity has been a problem for us trying to get sale goats ready.  We needed moisture and we got it.  However, it isn’t good for getting goats ready to sell.  When the humidity is high, sale goats just stand in the pen, not moving around, therefore losing shape.  Not eating, therefore, losing bloom.  Put fans on them will help.  And if you air condition them, you take a chance of getting them sick when you bring them out to the real world.  

       Here’s a tip for you.  If you are at a non-air conditioned sale, the humidity is like Cheech & Chong (HIGH), and you really kind of like a goat, but you aren’t sure, take a gamble.  When it gets used to the humidity, it will look better.  Ask if they are weaned or not.  Ask about worming regimen.  Humidity can knock a goat right in the donkey.

    Reminder–Saturday August 9th–1:30 pm at the Milligan Piece Of Paradise–the Small Town Saturday Afternoon Sale–GOOD-maybe a really good one or three for sale.

12 miles away at 6:30 pm is Pfeiffer’s.  They’ve sold a nice goat or twenty.  Get your donkey up to central OK and look at some good goats at 2 sales just minutes apart.  If nothing else, check in on Ring and Big I and then eat a killer pork chop cooked by Chef Jerry.  

    Have a good evening and a better tomorrow.  Stay flexible but not limp.  But no matter what, say thanks for what is good and righteous.