How many??

     How many went to the lake this weekend?  How many actually worked with their show animals this weekend?  How many did what it takes to win?  How many?

I bet not very many.  I know that there was several head of goats and showmen through the 73840 zip code the past 24 hours.  Some are working harder than others, some need to start.  It isn’t too late, but it is time.  

      Sometimes, a family just needs to step back and realize how many irons that they have burning in the proverbial fire, then sort them out by importance, save the right ones and then let the un-important crap just burn away.  It’s hard to do at first.  But, kind of like drinking coffee, it is an acquired taste.  Once you learn, it is easy.  Until you learn, the taste isn’t good.  At times, you will just want to lick your own ass in order to get the bad taste out of your mouth. 

      Point being, get out and work with your show animals.  Get them broke to show.  Then fine tune the rest of it.  

Stay flexible but not limp.  

       Since you were wondering….Yes, I did see some good ones and some real good ones.  I even saw some doe kids that already had hair popping.  More important, I saw a pile of good parents and even better kids.