Hooked Up

     Covered some miles today and saw some nice goats.  The one constant that I am running into….it seems like most breeders are heavy on doe kid percentages….and have really good quality on the doe kid side of things.  Sasquatch (Shovanec and Sweet’s Helms bred buck) passed away recently.  Too bad as he left some really nice kids in his first crop.  Crush (Big Ern’s buck) really made a consistent kid crop.  I only took a popper today, but I dang neart needed a trailer.  But, the goats are unloaded and hitting the feed and water.  I did see some really good black headed kids out of Schoovanec’s Black Rhino buck.  They are young but promising.  

     How about the text your bid doe sale?  The winning bid was $7,019.10.  Who the?  What the?  Ungh!  I was actually with the winning bidder today and got to hear the strategy behind the numerics of this bid.  Hard to make fun of that bid as that $19.10 is the difference between winning and not getting that doe.  If all of the bidders had seen that doe in person, she would have brought more than that.  Even though I’ve spent enough money lately, I still considered getting in on that deal.  

     Thanks to all of the buyers, bidders and lookers on our doe sale Monday night.  

     Really, the big news in the world of Kelln Livestock is not in the goat side of things.  It is the Canine portion of this operation.  Sasha the corgi had puppies on Tuesday.  She had a litter of 6.  All males.  Blue merles and tri colors.  She is a first time mother at 7 years of age.  And she is doing a stellar job as a mom.  Ammo (the sire)  is just now a year old and has a set on the ground.  How about that?  I guess he got himself one of those cougars!  These dogs will be bonafide goat ranch proven.  Ride the gator, chase wethers down the road, eat hoof trimmings as I trim hooves and spend time in the pasture with GARP, reminding him that he is a dog and that he can’t fit under the gate like a corgi.  But most importantly, be great kid dogs and companions.  And yes, Kela got to FaceTime with Sasha and the new babies.