Yes, I came home from the Tulsa State Fair.  Took care of my own stock tonight, check them again in the morning and then head east.  Here’s what I know FOR SURE from the 2014 Tulsa State Fair.  

1—Without a doubt, there is one goat showman in Oklahoma (period, she’s better than whovever you want to name) that is better than the rest.  I’m not bragging on one, I’m just stating facts.  The best goat showman in the business is Bree Taylor.  And she is an 8th grader.  She can make a common goat look great and a great one look, well, like a great one.  I deal with a lot of good to great showman, and RIGHT NOW, Bree Taylor is the best in the business.  Prove me wrong.  You can’t.

2–Okie Coalition–Hhmm!?   This deal is working great.  As breeder’s we MUST support it.  As ag teachers, buy a button for $20.  Fund our own.