The Kelln Klan has made it back to Oklahoma.  And we are happy to be back.  It was nice coming home to decent weather and healthy animals.  It’s great to have good people to watch out for stuff when you have to be gone.  Thanks to all that check on goats, cattle and dogs.  

     Where to begin?  It was great seeing our “little girl”.  She is doing well in California.  As a Dad, I am dang proud that she is chasing her own dreams and goals and is not afraid to work towards those goals.  Also, as a parent, I wish the hell she would do it closer to home.  She served as hostess and chaffeur this past week.  Those LA drivers drive like CRAP and Kela handles it well.  She isn’t afraid to cut a u-ey just about anywhere.  Me, I’d have to cuss, throw stuff and threaten to ram people in that maze of asphalt and people.  

      Kela drove the four of us to San Diego for the weekend.  We like animals.  This zoo is off-the-hook killer good.  First of all, it is loaded with cool animals.  Secondly, it is a true modern marvel of architecture, technology and engineering.  The mere fact of the sheer # of animals & people all located on about a 100 acres.  The design that makes it good for animals, the flow of water, the flow of people and keeping it all aesthetic, useful and always within reach of a snack bar and a restroom.  This zoo will wear you out, but it is also very user friendly.  I HIGHLY recommend taking kids and old farts to this zoo.  

     To answer the important questions, NO!   They didn’t have any penguins on the menu.  They also didn’t let me pet a Koala.  Why?  I offered cash.  I offered to clean pens.  We were there before the gates opened.  And when they did, the four of us headed to the Koala exhibit.  We watched the caretakers as they fed and cleaned each pen.  I offered to help.  They turned me down.  I had to watch as a caretaker rubbed a Koala’s belly literally 6 feet from me.  It was a Koala teaze.  And there were no bouncers to keep me from hopping the fence.  But I didn’t.  Here I was within feet of them.  They are kooler than I thought.  I mean, I really want to hold one and give them a dutch rub kind of kute.   

     The zoo volunteers asked if there was anything that they could do to help us enjoy our visit.  I said, “Yes.  I wish that one of you would volunteer to hold a Koala while I pet it.  They explained why they couldn’t.  I said, “Give me a price to pay?”  The reply, “$10 million dollars.”  I said, “I can fly to Australia cheaper than that and pet one at the airport.”  Their reply, “Not anymore.  The Australian government owns ALL Koalas and has banned them being treated like pets.  These Koalas are “on loan” to the San Diego Zoo.  Caretakers are the only ones allowed to touch them.”  Damn politics.  

      They were still worth seeing.  Plus, the sight of a month old Giraffe.  Feeding Giraffes and Rhinos.  Watching the polar bears.  A really cool otter vs. monkey play time and the monkey caught the otter by the tail and then all heck broke loose.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  And we watched a monkey breast-stroke, underwater.  Oh, and did I mention Pandas?  Watching a year old Panda slide backwards down a log for about 8′ was fun.  Amur Leopard and a Snow Leopard were worth the fare to get in. 

      Between the Zoo and the Safari, I left a lot of cash in that part of the world.  But it was all stuff that none of us have ever done, may never get to do again and it was as a family.  Money well spent.  We had fun.  

      San Diego was a really clean city.  Coronado Island is cool.  The food was way good.  I’d go back.  i just wish that there would have been a ball game to go see. 

      The traffic between LA and San Diego—Whew!  Six lanes headed south on the interstate, all at a standstill, at 3 in the afternoon.  I don’t get it.  But, I got lots of window time looking at the drought in California.  They are dry.  WAY DRY!  And it’s easy to see why their fires can get widespread in a hurry.  

     On Monday night, we went to Hollywood and Vine.  One, to eat supper.  We hit an Irish Pub that had way good burgers, reubens and hot wings.  They might also have a drink special or two.  And the prices were good.  Two, to go see the Chinese Theater and all of the nocturnal life that happens.  Crazy!  

      The best part of going to California–to see Kela.  The 2nd best part–no wind.  

      There is a stellar goat market in California.  I might have to go back.